Neighbourhood Walkabouts Explained

Willow Park estate


Daily checks

Every day staff from the Trust are out and about in the area and they are encouraged to report any problems they see but we need feedback from the people who live in the area.

Formal Estate Inspections

The Willow Park area is divided into patches that are managed by our Housing Teams. The Housing Officers responsible for the environment carry out a formal inspection of their patch four times a year. These are called Estate Inspections or Neighbourhood walkabouts.

Also invited are the Street Environment Managers from the City Council who work closely with us and also the local councillors. This means that there is someone involved with these inspections who has responsibility for all the issues that affect the neighbourhood whether it be litter, open spaces, street lighting or roads and pavements.

Can residents attend?

Yes! Most importantly residents are invited to attend and we need your views to help us improve the area where you live so please join us on the next estate walkabout in your area.  

If you are not able to attend but want to report an issue or comment on your neighbourhood then please email us using the online form.

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