Caring for Your Estate

Cutting hedge dog fouling Spring Cleaning

Joint responsibility

All residents have a responsibility to ensure that their neighbourhood is well maintained and is kept clean and tidy. You can help by making sure that you keep your garden well maintained.

Better community

Our community is a better place for all to live in if we consider the affect of our actions and we must ensure that rubbish and litter is disposed off responsibly and not dumped or dropped in the street.

Willow Park and our partner Manchester City Council will collect litter as part of our grounds maintenance work but it would look better for all of us and save valuable resources if the litter was not there in the first place.

Please ensure that your refuse is put out on the morning the collection is due and store your wheelie bin securely.

If you live in a flat please put your refuse in the bin store or use the refuse chute appropriately if there is one. If you do not have access to either, you will need to store your refuse in your flat until your collection is due.

We also need to act quickly to respond to any issues that affect the quality of our environment such as fly tipping and graffiti.

Reporting problems

Please let us know if you see anything that affects the neighbourhood you live in. It could be a litter problem, dog fouling, fly tipping or graffiti. You can call us on 0800 633 5500 or complete the online form, which you can also use to suggest ways to improve the environment.

Manchester City Council  

  • Waste and recycling - Tel: 0161 234 5004
  • Grime line - Tel: 0161 954 9001
  • Pest Control - Tel: 0161 234 4928
  • Noise Pollution - Tel: 0161 234 5004
  • Air Pollution - Tel: 0161 234 5004

You can also get in touch by:

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