Gas Safety Check
Willow Park engineer performing a gas safety check

100% inspection rate

Many thanks to those customers who have allowed us access for gas safety inspections and helped us achieve a 100% inspection rate in the last year.

Annual check

Every rented home with a gas supply has by law to have a full gas safety check carried out every year. There are no exceptions to this. Even if you do not use gas and your meter is "capped off" this still has to be checked by a qualified technician.

Our Property Services team will write to you and let you know when a gas engineer will call.  If you won’t be at home, phone us and we’ll arrange another time.  The engineer can visit on a Saturday morning if you are at work during the week.  The checks will only take about an hour.

Your safety

Not only is this a legal requirement for Willow Park but it is important in terms of the safety of you and your family:-

  • gas appliances can be extremely dangerous if they are not in good working order.
  • it is impossible to tell if a gas appliance is emitting carbon monoxide which can kill occupants of a home which has a defective gas appliance.

To further enhance safety Willow Park is now also installing carbon monoxide detectors and testing smoke alarms as part of the annual gas servicing programme 

Ease of access

The requirement to check all gas appliances means we have to get access into your home every year.  We appreciate all those tenants who allow us access at the first appointment every year. A big thank you to all of you. We do our best to arrange appointments that are convenient for you including evenings and weekends.

Unfortunately, despite the risks to themselves, their family and visitors to their home, some residents do not help Willow Park by allowing us access. We waste time and money following up cases where we have been unable to gain access. These resources would be better used elsewhere improving services to our customers.

Denying access leads to legal action

If you do not grant us access then ultimately you could lose your home. Willow Park does not want to do this but if we cannot gain access then we may have to resort to asking the Courts to give us possession of the property.

We can also use injunctions against any resident who fails to give us access to their home. Injunctions come with the power to commit people to prison if access is still denied.

Any legal action is expensive and the costs are the responsibility of the tenant. Willow Park has recharged tenants over £1,500 for the costs of legal action just to allow a gas engineer an hour in their home. 

Cookers in flats

If you move in to a flat and want a gas cooker fitted, you must ensure that the cooker has a flame failure device, otherwise the law states it cannot be installed.  This device means that if a flame goes out then the gas will automatically be cut off. 

For further information, please contact the Customer Services Team on 0800 633 5500.

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