Willow Park action leads to results

Court hammer imposing sentence
Wythenshawe Community Housing Group take complaints that endanger the safety of its tenants very seriously.  We do not tolerate anti-social, intimidating, abusive or racist behaviour.  If you have been a victim of such behaviour, please report it to us immediately and we will do all we can to bring the perpetrators to justice, even if that means taking people to court.

Here are some recent examples from 2013 of the courts taking action against people after investigation of complaints 


The Trust evicted a woman and her 3 children from a property in Crossacres in January 2014 following complaints of anti social behaviour from local residents.  The initial complaints related to loud parties and rowdy visitors.  We obtained an Injunction Order but the woman continued to behave in an anti social manner and made threats of violence to a neighbour.  We applied for a further Order and committal to prison and possession of her property.  We agreed to adjourn committal to prison if possession was offered.  The property was vacated in January and the family are currently accommodated in Bed and Breakfast accomodation.

We applied for an Injunction for the adult son of a tenant who had persistently harassed his parents neighbour.  The Court agreed that an exclusion zone was appropriate and the son was not allowed to visit his parent’s property.  However, the son chose to ignore the Order and visited his parents.  We returned to Court and he received a suspended prison sentence of 28 days.

We secured an Injunction Order for a woman who caused persistent noise nuisance to her neighbours in Northern Moor.  The woman ignored the Injunction Order and there was a trial to commit her to prison in December 2013.  At the Trial the woman admitted that she had caused noise nuisance and alarm and distress to her neighbours and received a suspended prison sentence.  There have not been any further incidents of noise nuisance since December.

We obtained an Emergency Injunction Order against a tenant’s 18 year old son after he made threats to his elderly neighbour.  The Order has not been breached and the elderly neighbour now feels safe in his own home.

Here are some recent examples from 2012 of the courts taking action against people after investigation of complaints :

Willow Park Tenant Sent to Prison for Breaching an Injunction

In March this year Willow Park’s anti social behaviour Team were successful with joint working with Wythenshawe’s neighbour Policing Team in sending a tenant and his adult son to prison for persistently breaching their Injunction Orders.

The initial complaints were that a couple and their adult son were involved in criminality and often caused noise late at night in their flat.

Residents had been too scared to complain in the past but when 1 resident stood up for his neighbourhood and supported legal action the couple and their son were all made subject to lengthy Injunction Orders.

The male resident breached his order by making threats to his neighbour and allowing his son to threaten the same neighbour. Both arrested and held on remand until they appeared in court.

On sentencing the father received a 12 week sentence and his son 5 weeks. The Father is subject to a suspended prison order until June 2014 and a 2 year Injunction Order along with his partner who has an 18 month Injunction Order and the son a 12 month Injunction Order.

Willow Park Tenant Evicted for Anti Social Behaviour

In April this year the Anti social behaviour Team evicted a young woman who had persistently caused low level anti social behaviour to her neighbours. The tenant had been subject to an Injunction Order after calling her neighbours names and playing loud music.

The Team went back to court to commit her to prison but she decided to end her tenancy rather than face the prospect of jail. Following this the tenant will not be able to apply for social housing anywhere in Manchester.

Willow Park Helps Vulnerable Resident

In June this year a vulnerable man complained that his visitors were taking advantage of him. His visitors were using his property to meet their friends and drink alcohol and they caused noise nuisance to other residents. The man was unable to make his visitors stay away so the Team applied to the court to Injunct 2 of his visitors and they are no longer able to visit his property or go within 100 metres of his property. This man has now reconciled with his estranged son and can lead a normal life again.

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