Do you have an idea to improve the service we provide to you?

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We welcome ideas from our customers about the way we deliver services and would like to hear from you.  Very often its customers who receive the service who are best placed to tell us what works well. 

The Customer Service Improvement Scheme is your chance to tell us how we can improve the service we provide to you. 

Email us your idea and we'll let you know whether or not we can take your suggestion up.  We will always give a reason if we canít do so.

You Said We Did
You were unhappy with delays to solve a problem with a no mans land at the rear of your property. We agreed to hold future meetings between our Housing Managers and Project Managers to ensure disputes do not affect you.
You said you wanted more ownership when deciding who our concierge let into Birch Tree Court We arranged a new concierge option which meant that all visitors to Birch Tree Court can contact tenants directly for access. We will review all access arrangements every 6 months.
You said that you were unhappy with the general problems with community gates not closing shut. We Investigated and found a collection of leaves were contributing to the problem. We introduced regular clearing away of the leaves and said we would also carry out regular cleaning of the electronic eye which was also preventing the gates operating correctly.
You said you were unhappy that when you reported a fault to the intercom system at Benchill Court, the repair was delayed because our Customer Service Team had not arranged for the work to be sent to the correct contractor. We have now arranged for all our Customer Service Team to be given a list of the relevant contractors to fix our intercom systems.
You said you were unhappy having to wait for a follow up appointment to come to connect the water pipes to your newly fitted electric shower. We did remind our planners that when arranging work to install a new electric shower, they must arrange for a plumber to visit on the same day. This means the installation will be completed the same day, causing less inconvenience to you.

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