Protecting your privacy

Protecting information
When you rented your home, you gave us information, such as your name, the number of people in your family, your income and any health issues or special needs.  All this information is treated as confidential and is protected by the Data Protection Act.  This is a law that makes sure that we use your information properly.  We use the information you have given us to help us:

  • Look after your home and neighbourhood
  • Collect you rent
  • Carry out repairs and maintenance
  • Take care of your health and support needs
  • Understand how we can help you more
  • Reduce crime
  • Make sure we treat everyone equally

Sharing information

We sometimes have to share this information with other organisations, but we only do this when we are sure your privacy will still be protected.  The Data Protection Act gives you the right to look at the personal information we hold about you.  However, the law does not allow us to this if seeing your information would mean seeing information about another person.

See your information

Under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998 you are entitled to be told by a data controller (the Trust) if any personal data is held about you AND, if so:

付o be given a description of the data;

付o be told for what purposes the data are processed and

付o be told the recipients or the classes of recipients to whom the data may have been disclosed.

You are also entitled;

付o be given a copy of the information with any unintelligible terms explained;

付o be given any information available to the controller about the source of the data;

What Information am I entitled to see?

You are entitled to see information of which you are the Data Subject and which comprises your personal data.For information to be your personal data you have to be identifiable from the data and you should also be the focus of it. You are not entitled to see information about third parties. In some circumstances 3rd Party details may be removed from your personal data. Where we have a duty of confidentiality to those 3rd parties we may contact them to obtain their consent for us to disclose their information to you.

How much does a request cost?

We are entitled to request a fee of up to 」10.00 per request.

How long does a subject access request take?

The 1998 Act requires us to comply with subject access requests, within forty days from receipt of the request or, forty days from the day on which we have both the required fee and the necessary information to confirm your identity and to locate the data.

What information do I need to provide?

Willow Park may ask you for any information they reasonably need to verify your identity and to locate the data. This means you should provide the Trust with proof of your identity and information which will assist us in locating your personal data. For instance any relevant reference numbers or account numbers, dates of correspondence and details of employees you have dealt with.

It is important to note that Willow Park does not have to respond to a request until they are provided with sufficient information necessary to confirm your identity and to locate the information you seek, so it is important to provide this information from the outset.

Can a third party make a subject access request on my behalf?

Yes, but only with your written authorisation. There is no reason why an individual cannot make a request through an agent, however, it is the agent痴 responsibility to provide satisfactory evidence that he/she has the authority to make a request on behalf of the individual.

How do I make a request to Willow Park Housing Trust?

If you are making a request to the Trust, you should complete a Subject Access Request Form which is available here. You should provide a 」10 fee (cheques should be made payable to Willow Park Housing Trust).You should provide at least one form of identification. In cases where sensitive personal data is involved, you may be required to provide further identification. Examples of identification are a photocopy of your driving licence, recent utility bill or council tax letter. If an agent is making a request on your behalf then they will need to also provide details of their authority to act on your behalf. This can be done by completing our Agent Authorisation Form. In order to ensure confidentiality we reserve the right to make further enquires to check the authorisation given. All completed forms should be returned to:

Data Protection Officer

Wythenshawe House

8 Poundswick Lane




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