Tenant Satisfaction Survey

Willow Park recently commissioned an independent and confidential telephone Survey of our Tenants And Residents known as the STAR Survey.

A random sample of tenants were contacted by Kwest Research on our behalf and over 500 of our tenants and residents have told us what they think about our services.

We have now had the results back and we are pleased to report that the overall satisfaction with services provided by Willow Park has increased by 4% to give us a 90% rating for 2012.

Areas that you have told us have improved are:

  • The area as a place to live
  • Local neighbourhoods particularly gardens, fencing, trees and hedges and other open spaces.
  • Being able to get hold of the right person when contacting the Trust.
  • Helpfulness, satisfaction, ability and efficiency when dealing with your queries.
  • Value for money with your rent.
  • Taking your views into account.

There is some room for improvement in your satisfaction with the way that we deal with repairs and maintenance. We are already working with you to improve this by providing flexible working and customer friendly times for appointments.

A big thank you to those who took part in this survey!

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