Improved House Mark Assessment for Willow Park by tenants of other landlords - 23rd June 2010

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House Mark is a membership-based organisation helping registered social housing providers to improve their performance and achieve value for money through the input of tenants from other landlords, this is known as a peer group.

The purpose of an inspection by such a peer group is to help boost a landlordís performance.† This is done by benchmarking themselves with the other organisations in the peer group.

The six organisations involved in the peer group this year were:

  • Eastlands Homes
  • Parkway Green
  • Stockport Homes
  • Harvest Housing
  • City West
  • Willow Park

The group and the training were arranged by Mike Wilde, Housing Manager at Willow Park and the training was provided by an Associate Consultant for Housemark.

Inspection group's findings

Tenants from Eastlandís, Stockport homes and Parkway Green recently inspected a selection of Willow Park properties, particularly ones with communal areas.† The group were also shown Willow Parkís CCTV suite where they were impressed with the level of security provided.† The inspection highlighted some areas where the tenants thought we could improve and made a few suggestions:

  • Incomplete caretaking records in some communal areas Ė recording visits and work undertaken needs to be more consistent
  • Poor lighting and poor design layout of the bin room in Maismore Road walk-up flats
  • Photo of the caretaking team in Edwards and Birch Tree Court to be on display for residents to easily identify genuine Willow Park staff.

Willow Park is now looking to act on these recommendations quickly although the design of the bin room will require consultation with the Property Services team.†

Inspection Results

We are happy to report that the results from this yearís inspection show an improvement on last yearís scores:

2010 2009 2010 v 2009
Caretaking/cleaning and estate amenities 76% 70% 6% increase
Grounds maintenance 85% 71% 14% increase
Overall score 78% 71%† 7% increase

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