Property Improvements
digger on building site

All structural work needs written permission from the Trust, whether itís internal or external.  Some works also require planning permission from Manchester City Councilís planning department.  You can ring them on 0161 234 4544 to enquire about planning permission.

If you are considering any structural changes to your property, please email Denise Scappaticci, Willow Park's Leaseholder Officer, or ring her on 0161 946 9544 for advice.

The Trust is only likely to refuse permission if the work will affect the safety of a building, cause a nuisance to your neighbours or obstruct access ways Ė and this will be assessed by an inspection of the building.

Structural works

You may decorate the inside of your flat but you must not carry out any structural works without prior written consent from Willow Park.

This includes:

  • building extensions or conservatories
  • removing internal walls
  • fitting a new kitchen or bathroom
  • installing new windows or central heating
  • erecting any garage, shed, greenhouse or other structure

Proof of consent

If you carry out any work without gaining permission we may ask you to put your property back to how it was or we may have to do the work ourselves and charge you accordingly. If you cannot prove that you had written consent, this could lead to difficulties when it comes to selling your property.

Final inspection

Once the work has been carried out we may also need to arrange for a further inspection so it is also important you contact us to let us know that the work has been completed.

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