Welfare Rights & Benefits Advice
Ammah Adu

As a fully qualified Welfare Rights Officer, I can help all Willow Park tenants and leaseholders with any benefit issue you have.

Types of Benefit

The types of benefits I can help you with include:-

  • Housing benefit
    For help with the Governments changes to Housing Benefit we now have a Housing Benefit Underoccupancy Penalty Calculator on our website. Find out exactly how the benefit changes could affect you.
  • Income support     
  • Pension credit        
  • Social funds
    From April 2013 these will be replaced by the new Welfare Provision Scheme run by Manchester City Council. For more information see the Manchester City Council website.
  • Disability Living Allowance
  • Job Seekers Allowance   
  • Attendance Allowance
  • Employment Support Allowance 
  • Discretionary Housing Payments
    The rules for claiming a Discretionary Housing Payment are changing from April 2013. For further information and an application form go to the Manchester City Council website.

I can also help you with:-

  • Finding out which benefits you are entitled to and helping you to claim them.

    From April 2013 a limit will be put on the amount of benefit that people aged 16 to 64 can get. This is called a benefit cap. The benefit cap means that people should not get more in benefit payments than the average wage paid to people in work. Use the benefit cap calculator to find out if the benefit cap will apply to you.

  • Maximising your current benefit entitlement – you could be missing out on benefits you are entitled to
  • Help and support you to challenge a decision that you think is wrong
  • Help with Housing Benefit overpayments

Contact details

If you think you need my help please contact me today:

Call centre Telephone - 0800 633 5500 

Text - 86688

Please start your message with the word WILLOW.  If you don't or spell the word incorrectly then your message will not get through

keyboard email - FinancialInclusion@Willow-Park.co.uk
Facebook IconTwitter Icon Facebook - facebook.com/WillowParkHousingTrust
     Twitter - twitter.com/wythenshawe_chg

Useful websites

Useful websites that can help you with your benefit questions:


AdviceKit Manchester

Advicekit is a website for people who live and work in the City of Manchester. It provides advice and help on debt, housing, benefits, employment, immigration and more.

Manchester City Council

Manchester City Council’s online Benefit claim form and calculator

Complete a benefits claim online and work out how much benefit you could receive.  You can also print out a claim form.

GOV logo


Government website with advice about money, tax and benefits.

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