Your Neighbourhood

Your Neighbourhood

Clean, tidy and green

Your neighbourhood starts as soon as you step outside your front door. It includes gardens, open spaces, shops and offices, roads and pavements, garage sites and grassed areas, parks and play areas. We are working with Manchester City Council to make sure your neighbourhood is a safe and pleasant place to live.

We need you to help us make sure your neighbourhood stays that way. There are lots of ways you can help. The next few pages have information about how you can help and the services we provide.

A Clean, Tidy and Green Neighbourhood

It is only by working together with all members of our community that we can sort out neighbourhood problems and make things better. We will always try and support people who want the best for their environment and are already working with our Neighbourhood Residents Panel on our code for a Clean, Tidy & Green neighbourhood:


We will take action against people who:
  • Let their dogs run about off the lead
  • Allow their dog to foul in public areas and do not pick it up
  • Drop litter anywhere
  • Do not keep their garden tidy
  • Fly tip rubbish and waste
  • Carry out vandalism or graffiti


You can help to keep your neighbourhood tidy by:
  • Keeping your garden tidy at all times
  • Having unwanted items in your garden collected
  • Storing your rubbish and recycling bins tidily
  • Not dropping litter
  • Being a responsible pet owner


To preserve the quality of our garden city:
  • We will make sure that open spaces are well looked after
  • We will take action against people who drive or park on grass verges or greens
  • We will help people who want to recycle rubbish and garden waste
  • We will keep hedges wherever possible
  • We will make sure that trees are well looked after

If you work with us to this code you will help to make your own neighbourhood a better place to live!

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