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Fancy starting your own business? Already in business? Then we are here to help you!

We can provide the support you need FREE to both new & existing businesses, through our friendly & professional on-site Business Advisor.


  • Developing your idea
  • Raising Finance
  • Planning your business
  • Marketing
  • Legal Structures
  • Insurance
  • Tax / VAT
  • Employment Law

Many people want to run their own business, and for many different reasons - being your own boss, financial independence, status, sense of achievement, happiness, getting back to work after being made redundant or after a career break to have a child. All are good enough reasons. But just wanting to start up on your own is not enough. You need to do a lot of homework.

It's not an easy task. Many businesses are most vulnerable to failure during the early years of trading, with 20% of new businesses folding within the first year and 50% within the first three years. Common reasons include running out of capital, failure to do market research, overpricing, hiring the wrong people and not being able to identify your personal and business goals. You'll need to avoid all of these pitfalls.

Launching your own business is tough and the line between success and failure can be fine.

We'll tell you all you need to know about starting up and running your own business. All you need to do is have a brilliant business idea and the commitment to turn it into a reality. So good luck and here's to your first million!

If you need advice setting up a new business contact Phil Duffield, Enterprise Support Project Manager:

The Enterprise Centre
34 Benchill Road
M22 8LF

Tel: 0161 945 0655

The Enterprise Centre also provides affordable, all-inclusive office space with rentable meeting and training room facilities. A great place to do business!

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