Repairs Explained
Meet Property Services

Operating from a purpose built centre, our in-house Property Services team provide a range of vital services to our residents.

Emergency Repairs

When you ask for a repair, we give the work a deadline it must be done by, depending on how urgently it's needed. We class jobs that are most urgent as "emergency repairs". Our target to attend is 24 hours but we try to get to your home within two hours for these repairs.

Right to Repair Scheme

Under the Governments " A better deal for tenants-Your new Right to Repair" scheme we must make sure that certain small urgent repairs which might affect your health, safety or security are done quickly and easily.

Repairs You Must Pay For

You will be asked to pay for a repair if it is thought to have been caused by neglect, deliberate damage or unauthorised work. You will also be charged if you tell us a repair is more urgent than it really is in order to receive an emergency repair.

Who does repairs?

You are expected to keep your property in good decorative order and do some minor repairs.

Repairs priorities

The length of time your repair will take depends on the type of work involved.