Involvement Activities

We’re dedicated to keeping you involved in the way we work and the neighbourhoods that we continue to develop. It’s why we have a Resident Involvement Strategy, to make sure there are many ways and levels for you to get involved. Whatever time you can give, we’re sure there’s some way you can be a part of building our community together. If you’d like to be involved with any of the following, please fill in our simple online form.

We also have free internet kiosks at our Northenden and Baguley offices – so you can easily find out more about what’s happening in your community when visiting our offices.

Resident Involvement Impact Assessment

Tenant Involvement

Gone are the days where Housing Associations and Local Authorities pay lip service to using tenant feedback to shape their services. Since 2008, our regulator, the HCA (Homes Community Agency, has championed organisations that listen to their tenants.

Whether it’s helping to deliver our long term strategies, arrange events or even inspect and scrutinise the services that we provide to our tenants, Wythenshawe Community Housing Group (WCHG)  places customers at the heart of everything we do.

WCHG tenants are involved right across it’s business. As the regulator, the HCA has radically changed the way we do things and has even brought out a new set of rules which it can score us against. These rules, or ‘standards’, cover the whole of our business, from finance to repairs and from rent collection to allocations. Cutting across all of this is the ‘Tenant Involvement and Empowerment’ standard which ensures that tenants are involved in making recommendations on all of these services. Failure for WCHG to comply with this standard will trigger an inspection of our services.

However WCHG doesn’t just see RI as something we have to do.