Buy your home

If you are currently renting your home from Willow Park and are interested in buying it, there are two schemes which may be available to you.

Preserved Right to Buy Scheme

For tenants who lived in their homes prior to the transfer to Willow Park Housing Trust and whose landlord was Manchester City Council and have remained as Willow Park tenants with no break in tenancy. The maximum discount under this scheme from April 2015 is £77,900.

GOV.UK’s information and advice about the Right to Buy scheme.

Right to Acquire Scheme

For tenants who have spent a total of 2 years as a public sector tenant or in accommodation provided by the armed services as long as the tenancy started before January 18th 2005. If the first public sector tenancy was created after January 18th 2005 from 26th May 2015 you will require three years tenancy in order to qualify.

Please note the discount for this particular scheme remains at £10,000 and has not been affected by the recent government increase to the preserved Right to Buy scheme.

There are some other conditions, which you must comply with in order to be eligible for either scheme.

GOV.UK’s information and advice about the Right to Acquire scheme

Ineligible properties

Specialist housing, for example for elderly or disabled people, is not included in either the Right to Buy or Right to Acquire Schemes. Please check with your housing officer or your Right to Buy officer for confirmation.

Other considerations

  • When you are looking at the difference between renting and buying, don’t just check the weekly payments. Remember your rent includes things like buildings insurance and a repairs service. If you buy your home you would have to pay for these items yourself.
  • Remember that if you are considering purchasing a flat you will have to pay service charges for external repairs and essential property maintenance.
  • If you are thinking of buying, beware of ‘Right to Buy’ sales people who may try to get you to sign deals on the doorstep. Get independent financial advice from a bank or building society. Free advice is also available from our ‘Right to Buy’ Team. Click here to read our advice leaflet.

Further information

To find out more, call 0800 633 5500 / 0300 111 0000 and ask to speak to the Right to Buy section or email us with your name and address using the online form. If you’re interested in buying we’ll send you an information pack and an application form.


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