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Important Information to Help You Find a Home

Get advice about your housing choices or pick the route to your new home with Manchester Move.

How Manchester Move works

Manchester Move advertises ready-to-rent homes for around 20 not-for-profit landlords. You bid for them, the landlord decides who gets them.

It’s called ‘bidding’ but there’s no money involved. It’s how you tell us you are interested in a home.

We advertise homes for one week – from early Thursday morning, to the following Wednesday afternoon. This is called the ‘bidding period’.

When can I start looking?

You can look at homes at any time, but you can only bid for them when:

  • You have sent us a registration form
  • You have sent us the documentation we ask for
  • The landlord handling your application has told you that you are eligible for rehousing and can start bidding.

Bidding for homes

When you sign in, you can see the homes you’re eligible for and get an idea of your chance of getting the home if you bid for it.

For most homes, there is no advantage to bidding earlier in the week. But some homes are marked ‘First come first served’. They usually goes to the first person who bids for them – so the sooner you bid on these properties, the more chance you’ll have.

See our friendly step-by-step video guide on how to bid for a home.

What are my chances?

Our ‘traffic light’ system shows you your likely position if you were to bid. If you’re outside the top ten, you are unlikely to be offered the property. As the week goes on, people may swap their bids around, so you may want to look again to check homes you’re watching and change your bids.

If your chances are not looking good, maybe try different areas and property types or think again about other housing options.

Watching homes and checking bids

You only have three bids, but you can watch as many homes as you want. Use the information about your bidding position to help you decide which homes to bid for. It’s easy to see which ones have the best bidding position for you.

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