Emergency Numbers

The following telephone numbers and websites are useful in case of a gas leak, loss of water supply or discoloured water, or if you lose electrical power.

Gas Emergencies

If you smell gas or detect a gas leak call National Grid Gas – the people responsible for the gas network, on 0800 111 999.

National Grid Gas operates a round-the-clock, 365-days-a-year emergency service and will stop an escape anywhere, whether it be in the home or street, free of charge.

Electrical Emergencies

If you have a total loss of supply please contact our customer services team who will talk you through some checks to help identify the fault. If the fault has been caused by something outside your property you will need to contact your electricity suppliers emergency number.

Water Emergencies

If you do not have a water supply or your water is discoloured you can contact United Utilities on their emergency helpline number 0845 746 2200.