Frozen pipes

If you are experiencing frozen pipes, please follow the tips below to assist in getting the water supply back to your home.

If your have no water, firstly check whether neighbours are similarly affected. If they also have no water, contact United Utilities on 0845 746 2200. If they have water but you don’t, your pipes are probably frozen, so:

  • Locate your main stop tap (usually under the sink or closest to where water supply enters your property).
  • Check your stop tap to see if it’s working. If it is, turn it off to minimise problems when your pipes thaw. If there’s a stopcock on the system side of the header tank, turn this off to stop water leaving the tank.

If you are confident in DIY, please follow the next steps to thaw your pipes:

  • Before you start to thaw the system, do what you can to protect or remove anything which might be damaged by the thawing water running from a potential burst.
  • Check all visible pipes for damage or evidence of freezing.
  • Turn the COLD taps nearest to the frozen part of the pipe on, so water can escape when pipes are thawed – but don’t turn HOT taps on until the central heating or immersion heater is switched off.
  • Apply a hot water bottle to affected pipes or use a hairdryer in short bursts but take care, the pipe may burst as it thaws and spray water. NEVER use a naked flame. Do not use a blow lamp or heat gun. Keep heat away from water meters.
  • Once pipes are thawed, allow water to flow until normal flow is restored – then insulate pipes.
  • Turn off your tap and insulate your pipe work to prevent further freezing or provide additional heating in the affected area.
  • If necessary get some water from your neighbour..

If none of the above has helped please call Wythenshawe Community Housing Group on 0300 111 0000 or 0800 633 5500.