Tenant Newsletters

‘Wythenshawe Life’ is the new Wythenshawe Community Housing Group Newsletter, after Willow Park  joined forces with Parkway Green Housing Trust on the 1st of April 2013.

Below you can read past issues of ‘In Touch’  the former Willow Park customer newsletter.

In Touch Spring 2013 (PDF)
In Touch Winter 2012 (PDF)
In Touch Summer 2012 (PDF)
In Touch Spring 2012 (PDF)
In Touch Winter 2011 (PDF)
In Touch Autumn 2011 (PDF)
In Touch Spring 2011 (PDF)
In Touch Winter 2010 (PDF)
In Touch Summer 2010 (PDF)
In Touch Spring 2010 (PDF)
In Touch Winter 2009 (PDF)
In Touch Autumn 2009 (PDF)