Asbestos in the Home

Asbestos Management

All our front line staff have regular asbestos training to identify and manage asbestos in our homes and places of work. We have a comprehensive asbestos policy to ensure training, management and control of asbestos is in line with current legislation.


As part of the management of asbestos, we record and monitor any asbestos tested and found or thereafter, removed on a database. For asbestos retained in the home or indeed our offices and communal areas, the material will be regularly monitored for its condition and will be removed if we deem it necessary.


Where we use contractors to test, monitor or remove asbestos, we ensure they have the appropriate accreditation and are licensed to carry out the task and then all the work is recorded. Prior to operatives attending appointments to carry out work, they will be provided with any asbestos information we hold on our database. If on attendance at a property, they feel a material should be tested, this will be carried out before work proceeds.