Changing your tenancy

Changing your name

If your name has changed for any reason, you need to tell us. Your tenancy will remain the same but we will put your new name on our records. Don’t worry, you will not have to sign a new Tenancy Agreement.

Changing from a sole tenancy to a joint tenancy

If you are a sole tenant and want to set up a joint tenancy, we can do this so long as:

  • You are not a successor. (If your tenancy was passed on to you by a relative, you are a successor).
  • You have got married.
  • Your partner has lived with you in your home for the last 12 months.
  • Your rent account is clear and there are no outstanding possession orders.
  • You are not the grandparent, parent, son or daughter of the person you want to set up the joint tenancy with.

Changing from a joint tenancy to a sole tenancy

If you have a joint tenancy and one of you wants to leave the home, or has already left, you can ask to change your tenancy from a joint to a sole tenancy. This normally happens when:

  • A marriage, civil partnership or other relationship ends.

A joint tenancy can continue even if one tenant is no longer living in the home. However, both tenants will still be responsible for sticking to the rules of the tenancy, including paying any rent arrears.

If one of the joint tenants has left the home and agrees to stop being a joint tenant, the tenancy can be passed from the person who has left to the person who is staying. However, we can’t do it if we can’t talk to the tenant who has left or if there are any rent arrears.

When a relationship has come to an end, the original joint tenancy must be sorted out before either person is offered sole tenancy of a home. This is because it is illegal for one person to have two tenancies as they must only have one main home. Sometimes, if the two people cannot sort out the joint tenancy themselves, the courts will order one person to pass their tenancy to the other, for example as part of a divorce settlement.

A joint tenancy can only be given to the tenant who stays in the home, or the whole Tenancy Agreement will be ended. If there are rent arrears on the joint tenancy, the arrears will need to be cleared before the tenancy can be changed.