Choice Based Lettings

Look for, and bid for homes on Manchester’s online rehousing system

Use  to look for rented homes from Willow Park and other not-for-profit landlords across Manchester

Choice Based Lettings means that you can actively look for and bid for available homes. All Willow Park’s available properties are advertised on Manchester Move. It gives you more choice and more control.

Genuinely interested

Only bid for a Willow Park home if you’re genuinely interested in it. If you turn down a home your rehousing application may be demoted to a lower band which means you would have much less of a chance of receiving an offer of a home.

Can you view available homes?

We can’t offer viewing appointments to home-seekers. But we can show you pictures of the type of property you can bid for.

We do not disclose the door numbers of the properties we advertise, this is because the tenant may still be living in the property or for other sensitive reasons. So please do not attempt to view a property that is being advertised unless your bid is successful and we have invited you to have a look round.

Strangers knocking on your door can be frightening and intimidating.

Customers that ignore this advice and knock on the doors of properties without being offered the property and offered a viewing may lose any offer they have been made or have their rehousing application suspended.

Chances and choices

When you bid on Manchester Move you can see instantly what position you have come on a property.  You will need to check your bids over the bidding cycle as your position may change as more people either bid or remove bids. You will be able to see other properties in other areas that you may have a better chance of being rehoused to but the choice is yours. can help you look at other housing options if you have been waiting a long time or cannot find anything suitable.