Concierge Service

We provide a Concierge Service in the community in order to:

  • Help make your homes and streets safer
  • Reduce crime – and the fear of crime in the area
  • Reduce incidents of criminal damage, vandalism and graffiti
  • Support elderly and vulnerable residents living in the area.

The Concierge Service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year and looks after the safety of over 450 people who live in multi-storey or supported accommodation.

Area coverage

Benchill Court
The concierge service provides controlled security access to various properties throughout the Wythenshawe Community Housing Group area in:

  • Hollyhedge Court
  • Brownley Court
  • Benchill Court
  • Mitchell Gardens
  • Brownley Court Road flats
  • Willow Brook Gardens
  • Kenneth Collis Court
  • Frank Price Court
  • Edwards Court
  • Birch Tree Court
  • Peel Hall Road maisonettes (over shopping parade)

Concierge service’s role

  • Visitors have to provide their name and the address they are going to;
  • Concierge staff contact tenants via an intercom in their property and announce that they have a visitor and provide the visitor’s name;
  • The tenant authorises their visitor’s access to the building;
  • Concierge staff provide access to the visitor.

Contacting concierge staff

You can contact the concierge staff by:

Telephone: 0161 946 9501 or 0161 946 9502