Court news round-up

Wythenshawe Community Housing Group take complaints that endanger the safety of its tenants very seriously. We do not tolerate anti-social, intimidating, abusive or racist behaviour or Hate Crime. If you have been a victim of such behaviour, please report it to us immediately and we will do all we can to bring the perpetrators to justice, even if that means taking people to court.

Here are some recent examples from of the courts taking action against people after investigation of complaints

  • (Spring / Summer 2017) Youth injunctions have been obtained under the  ASB, Crime and Policing Act 2014 against two  brothers aged 15 and 17 involved in criminal  activity, harassment and joyriding. As part of the  Court Order, the boys have been excluded from the  Baguley area
  • (Spring / Summer 2017) An Injunction with a “power of arrest” has beenobtained against a tenant who verbally abused and threatened staff. The order excludes the tenant  from all WCHG buildings and offices
  • (Spring / Summer 2017) A tenant who continued to breach an Injunction byharassing and threatening a neighbour has served  six days of a 14-day prison sentence
  • (Spring / Summer 2017) Separate Injunctions have been obtained againstthree family members who assaulted and  threatened their neighbour. The “Power of Arrest”  was granted to protect the victims. A dangerous  dog has also been banned from the property
  • (Spring / Summer 2017) WCHG worked closely with Greater Manchester Police providing evidence which led to the  discovery of 20 cannabis plants at a property in the Baguley area


• (Spring / Summer 2016) WCHG has been praised for the part it played in helping Police catch a drugs gang. The gang was smashed after Police raided their safehouses, including two in Wythenshawe. Greater Manchester Police Inspector Derek Hewitt said: “The court results are evidence of all the hard work and commitment by GMP, the community and partner agencies such as Wythenshawe Community Housing Group to make Wythenshawe a safe place to live, work and visit. The community and GMP have stood shoulder to- shoulder to take a strong stance against those involved in drug related activity in Wythenshawe.”

Operation Challenger targets organised crime across the whole of Manchester. Anyone with any information on the activities of organised gangs should call Greater Manchester Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously.


•  (Autumn / Winter 2015) We went back to court following further breaches of an undertaking by joint tenants of a property involving domestic disputes. One of the joint tenants has agreed to be excluded from the property rather than run the risk of losing the home.

•  (Autumn / Winter 2015) An application to commit a tenant to prison along with possession of their property was made to the court after an injunction was persistently breached by door slamming, dog barking and verbal abuse. The tenant was already subject to a possession order due to non-payment of rent. At court, the tenant agreed to vacate their property.

• (Autumn / Winter 2015) In June 2015, the ASB team secured two ex-parte Injunctions after a female resident attacked a neighbour’s 16-year-old daughter in the street and a male visitor then threatened the father of the young girl. The male has been excluded from the area and the female has not breached her order.

•  (Autumn / Winter 2015) Evidence provided to the court by the CCTV control room has led to the sentencing of three males for the theft of a motor vehicle.



  • The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act  (March 2015)

After much anticipation the New Injunction became live on 23rd March 2015.  This Order replaces the Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) and the previous Anti-social Behaviour Injunction. (ASBI)

The new Injunction can be used for anyone over the age of 10 years old (as the previous ASBO could) and can include, exclusion zones, positive requirements like attending drug or alcohol programmes, prohibitions such as not to approach a particular person and in the case of Minors a supervision Order can be imposed.

If an adult breaches their injunction the court can impose further sanctions like imposing a fine, or seizing assets as well as imposing a prison sentence of up to 2 years.

Within 2 days of the New Injunction being introduced we received a complaint from one of our tenants that he had been assaulted by another tenant while he was on his way to collect his young children from school.  Statements were taken and prepared for an ex-parte (without Notice) Injunction and on 26th March 2015 the first Injunction was granted at Manchester Civil Courts of Justice. It was the first Injunction for our Solicitors and also for the district Judge who heard the case.

The Injunction was personally served on the perpetrator by Nuisance Officers on 27th March 2015 and the perpetrator will have his opportunity to address the court on 13th April 2015.



• (Spring 15) An injunction has been secured against a tenant who allowed a male, excluded from the Baguley area, to stay at his property and cause anti-social behaviour. The tenant can be arrested if he allows the male and his girlfriend into his property or uses abusive or threatening behaviour to his neighbours.

• (Spring 15) An injunction has been obtained against a female tenant who had allowed the use of Cannabis,slamming doors and who let dogs bark late at night. Further complaints have been received and an application to the court for committal to prison and possession of the property has been made.

• (Spring 15) The Anti-Social Behaviour team has obtained possession of three starter tenancies due to ongoing noise nuisance and antisocial behaviour. In each case the tenant appealed the decision but the Courts granted possession.


• (Christmas 14) We took further action against a tenant who had breached her suspended committal order by having loud parties and shouting verbal abuse during the evenings and late into the night. The anti-social behaviour was professionally witnessed by our ‘out of hours’ service. In court she admitted breaching the order and surrendered her tenancy rather than spend at least a month in prison

• (Christmas 14) We received a complaint that a tenant who had previously made a false allegation of sexual assault was harassing her neighbour. We took a ‘Short Notice Injunction Order’ to protect the neighbour from further harassment.

• (Christmas 14) A former tenant who continued to breach his Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction and exclusion zone failed to appear in court for sentencing. He was sentenced in his absence to 63 days in jail and subsequently arrested within the exclusion zone. He was brought to court after a further night in police cells and received an additional seven days to his sentence.


(Spring 2014) A woman and her three children have been evicted following complaints by local residents of continued anti social behaviour and threats of violence to a neighbour, despite an earlier Court injunction. The Trust agreed to adjourn committal to prison if possession was offered. The property was vacated in January.

(Spring 2014) A man has received a 28-day suspended prison sentence after breaking an exclusion zone order made by the Courts who heard he had persistently harassed his parent’s neighbour.

(Spring 2014) A woman who caused persistent noise nuisance to her neighbours has received a suspended prison sentence after ignoring an earlier Injunction Notice.

• (Spring 2014) An Emergency Injunction Order was obtained against a tenant’s 18-year-old son after he made threats to his elderly neighbour. The Order has not been breached and the elderly neighbour now feels safe in his own home.

If you are worried about ASB, you can request assistance or report an incident to the Control room / WCHG Wardens on 0161 946 9501