Tenancy Fraud

Do you know someone who:

  • Is subletting or renting out their Willow Park home without permission?
  • Is not using their Willow Park property as their sole or principle home?
  • Has used false documents to get a Willow Park home?

What can you do to help?

We are working hard to track down tenancy cheats and ensure that homes are given to people who really need them.

Your help in reporting tenancy cheats is important because you can see what is happening in your neighbourhood.

  • You might know that someone has a home that we don’t know about, or that gave false information in their housing application.
  • You might suspect someone of subletting if you have seen them collect rent from your neighbours.
  • You might be suspicious because the tenants of a property keep changing.

Tenancy Fraud is a criminal offence. If you suspect someone is a tenancy cheat, please let us know. It could make a big difference to people in real need

If you have any information please fill in our online form or phone Customer Services on 0800 633 5500 or 0300 111 0000 and ask for the Tenancy Management Team.