Our Responsibility

Most properties that the Group let will not usually be decorated. We will make sure that any graffiti has been removed and if wallpaper has become lose that we either remove it or make good. There may be times when we feel it might be appropriate to offer some assistance with decoration of your new home. Our Tenancy Management Team will make a decision to whether you will receive help with decoration and this will be based on the property condition and the individual’s personal circumstances.

If you are eligible for some help with decoration you will be advised at your sign up appointment and issued with a paint pack. Paint packs will be allocated for any room that we feel you may require some assistance with.


1 bed bungalows / sheltered flats

The Group has a number of age restricted 1 bed bungalows across our estates and a number of 1 bed flats within our sheltered schemes. On occasion these properties may require some redecoration, if this is the case then any identified redecoration will be completed whilst the property is empty.


Existing tenants

When you were offered your property and signed your tenancy agreement one of the conditions was that you kept your property in good decorative order. If you apply for rehousing and your property is not in good decorative order you may find that you would not be offered another home.

For tenants who may now be finding that they are having difficulty in keeping their property in good decorative order we may be able to help you.

If you fall under one of the below categories you may be able to ask for help with decoration;

  • You are aged over 70.
  • You suffer from ill health or disability.
  • You do not have enough money to pay a decorator.
  • You do not have friends or relatives who could help you, living within a five mile radius of your home.

If your application is approved, you can have one large (living room/bedroom/ stairs) or two small rooms (bathroom and WC or hall and bathroom etc) decorated within a 2 year period.

To find out more call 0800 633 5500 / 0300 111 0000 or email us using our online form.