Exchange Your Home

Swapping with another tenant

Most tenants have the right to exchange their home with another Willow Park tenant or a tenant of another Housing Association or Local Council. Please ask your Tenancy Management Coordinator whether this applies to you before you think about an exchange.

All exchange applications will be processed within 6 weeks of receiving the application.

Permission needed

If you move without permission you will be asked to move back. You will not be compensated for any of the costs of the move.

There are certain conditions that have to be met before tenants can exchange their homes but Willow Park can only refuse permission under certain circumstances. Please ask your Tenancy Management Coordinator for advice.

House Exchange service

Our tenants can join House Exchange which is a national database of tenants who are looking to exchange their homes. Willow Park is a member of House Exchange so the service is free of charge to our tenants.

The best way to benefit from the service is to register on the House Exchange website where you will be guided through the process. Once your details are verified by Willow Park you will be contacted either by e-mail, text or letter to let you know that a match has been found with another tenant who you could consider swapping with.

You can also search by property type and area to see what is available.

A list of people wanting to exchange is also available at our receptions.

Remember that you must get permission from Willow Park before you move.


You must make sure that your home is not overcrowded. If you think that you need a larger home because your circumstances have changed, please tell us. It is however very difficult for us to move families into larger homes and we may not be able to help you.