Front garden fencing

It is anticipated that all homes that require repairs or replacement fencing to the front and front side of the property will be dealt with by our Improvement Programme. Therefore, the Group will not agree to carry out front fencing works in these areas unless there is an urgent need.

Urgent requests

If you don’t have a good enough fence and you have not damaged or removed it yourself, we will treat your request for new fencing as urgent if the:

  • Household has a child under 7 years of age.
  • Front garden need to be secured from trespass, nuisance or crime
  • Tenants are deemed to be vulnerable (and are not responsible for any form of anti-social behaviour).

If in the opinion of the Group there is adequate fencing at a property no works will be undertaken.

The Group will not carry any fencing works, outside of the improvement programme, in cases where the tenant owes the Trust either rent or for rechargeable repairs.

  • The Group will not remove hedges

Back garden fencing

Any existing fencing will be repaired or replaced as necessary through our ongoing monthly fencing programme and not the Improvement Programme.

Additional fencing will only be provided if a rear garden is next to open or common land and/or there is evidence of trespass or anti-social behaviour as a result of a gap in the boundary. Resources available for these works are limited.