How We Allocate Homes

Homes normally go to the person with the highest priority and the earliest queue date.

All our empty homes are advertised on We have an agreement with Manchester City Council that half our empty properties are let from their waiting list, these are called Nominations.

We let the other half using Wythenshawe Community Housing Groups own policy and priority rules.

Parkway Green Housing Trust and Willow Park Housing Trust have in the past had 2 separate Housing Policies.

Both these policies have been reviewed and a new Wythenshawe Community Housing Group policy has now been created.

For full details of the new WCHG Allocations Policy click on the link

Local Lettings Policies

Sometimes WCHG will let properties under a Local Lettings Policy (LLP).  LLPs are used in certain areas to address specific local issues. Some of those issues could be:

  • To reduce the likelihood of anti-social behaviour in areas that have existing high levels of anti-social behaviour.
  • To sustain the balance of existing communities, such as only allowing certain groups of applicants to bid on properties.
  • To make the best use of our rehousing stock

LLPs will vary in content, processes and outcomes according to the issues that they are intended to address.