Independent Living

Accommodation for Older People

Generally people who are offered accommodation for older people, apply for sheltered housing and are over 60. They are people who want to live an independent life safe in the knowledge there is someone nearby they can call on if help is needed.

Flats and bungalows

WCHG can offer you accommodation at a variety of locations. These vary from specially built bungalows at Willow Brook Gardens to refurbished flats at Frank Price Court and Ken Collis Court. All the properties offer you self-contained living space with your own kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room. Some also offer a communal space where you can go to enjoy the company of other residents.

Support in sheltered housing

Staff can put you in touch with other service providers if you need help shopping, cleaning, taking medicines or getting washed and dressed. Staff are not there to replace your family. Your family, your friends and your new neighbours will play as big a role in your life as you want. That’s your choice, just as it’s always been.

If there is an emergency, each property has a personal intercom that will put you through to the help you need around the clock. They will make sure you get the care and support you need.

Don’t forget, all Willow Park’s sheltered accommodation is also covered by our own CCTV Scheme, operating 24 hours a day to give you extra peace of mind.

Applying for sheltered housing

To apply for sheltered housing you need to fill out a normal application form. Alternatively you can apply at one of our local housing offices. We can help you complete the application if you wish.

Willow Park is also part of Manchester Move.

Further information

You can call in at any of our offices, phone us on 0800 633 5500 / 0300 111 0000 or email us using our online form.