Joint tenancies

Becoming a joint tenant

A joint tenant is someone who has their name on the tenancy agreement, has equal responsibility for paying the rent with other joint tenants, and has the full legal rights and responsibilities of a Willow Park tenant.

Before you add someone to the tenancy agreement, make sure you are happy with the responsibilities:

Rent & rent arrears

Joint tenants are each responsible for all of the rent and for any rent arrears. We can recover all rent arrears owed for your home from any individual joint tenant. Two joint tenants may share a home where the overall rent is £60 a week and one of them may pay £30 every week. If the second person gets into rent arrears and leaves the home owing £500, the first tenant can be held responsible for their full debt.

If a joint tenant leaves

If you are joint tenants, any one of you can end the tenancy by giving us four weeks’ written notice. We do not legally have to allow the remaining joint tenant(s) to stay in the home – it depends on their circumstances and whether the property could be more suitable for another type of household (a family for instance). But we will not ask you to move out of the home without good reason.

Creating a joint tenancy

Before we create a joint tenancy we require evidence that the applicant has lived at the property for 12 months. As long as this is provided and there are no issues with the tenancy, an appointment will be made with a Tenancy Management Officer to process the application.

There can be difficulties in certain circumstances if the person you want to become a joint tenant has had problems with a tenancy in the past, for example they may have been evicted for rent arrears, or caused problems for neighbours.

Joint tenancies will only be authorised between spouses, a person living with you as man or wife or same sex partners. Joint or cross generation tenancies will not be granted, for example between mother and son, father and grandson.