Mediation Services

Wythenshawe Community Housing Group works in partnership with Manchester City Council’s Mediation Service.

How can they help?

Mediation is free, independent, impartial and confidential. It’s an expert service that helps tenants who are in a dispute with their neighbours. You may be having problems with noise, children, pets, parking or a boundary for instance. Whatever the problem Mediation Services may help stop things getting out of hand and help find a solution.

How does it work?

When neighbours get into a dispute, communication can break down and people find it hard to talk to each other. Mediation can help you out of this stalemate. Mediation is a step-by-step process where an independent third person helps people reach an acceptable solution.

Expert mediators visit everyone involved in the dispute. They listen to both points of view, without taking sides. They don’t judge people as right or wrong. The mediators are all volunteers who live or work locally. They are specially trained in mediations skills and dispute solving.

Contacting Manchester Mediation Services

If you are already talking to us about your dispute, we can set up a meeting with Mediation Services on your behalf or you can contact them directly at:

Mediation Services
The Workshop
Abraham Moss Centre
Crescent Road
M8 5UF

Tel: 0161 908 8375 (Answerphone outside Office Hours)
Fax: 0161 908 8373