Multi-Storey Blocks

Who is responsible?

Benchill Court, Birch Tree Court, Brownley Court, Edwards Court and Hollyhedge Court receive a service from the Willow Park’s Mobile Caretaking teams. The teams will visit each block on a daily basis to clean the main communal areas such the reception, foyer areas and lifts. In addition a thorough check of the block and facilities is carried out each morning. The Blocks also receive a thorough clean of all other landings and stairways once a week.

Outside communal areas

The caretaking teams will also carry out a litter pick whilst they are on site. The communal grounds are attended to by Willow Park’s Grounds Maintenance Team once a fortnight between March and September and once a month at other times.

Monitoring standards

Willow Park has developed Service Standards in partnership with the residents of these blocks. We carry out health and safety checks in multi-storey flats each day. Our priorities are to:

  • Make sure that access and parking for emergency services are clear
  • Check entrance doors are secure
  • Check lighting is working
  • Check that fire doors close automatically
  • Check that lifts are clean and working
  • Check the bin rooms and bin chutes

Monitoring is carried out by the Housing Manager responsible for the Caretaking service and the Caretaking Team Supervisors. If residents have any concerns over the standards of service they can directly contact the staff responsible.

Regular inspections are carried out and residents are involved in these inspections. If you would like to be involved in these inspections then please contact us on 0800 633 5500.

Residents responsibilities

We do not ask residents to clean communal areas but we do ask them to be aware of their responsibilities to their community in keeping the common areas clean and tidy. These responsibilities are highlighted in the Neighbourhood Agreements we have developed for these blocks.

What are Neighbourhood Agreements?

These are written contracts which highlight some of the key areas of concern to residents and what service standards are in place for these areas. Also included are good neighbour responsibilities to remind all residents of the need to help keep their common areas clean and tidy. Any other issues can be included where residents feel that, as neighbours, they need to be aware to maintain the quality of life for all residents. They do not replace the Tenancy Agreements but are intended to complement them and reinforce key priorities for residents in particular areas.


Caretaking Service Standards (PDF, 1079 KB)