Your neighbourhood

Looking after your neighbourhood is one of our most important jobs and we take it very seriously. There are 4 main things we do to take care of your neighbourhood:

Involve you

We want you to help us look after your neighbourhood.  You can help by doing simple things like answering surveys or joining us on an estate walkabout or Local Performance Panel.

Work with other organisations

We work closely with other organisations such as Manchester City Council to make sure your neighbourhood is well maintained.

Neighbourhood Management

We make sure that our people walk around your neighbourhood to see that it is well looked after and to check everyone is doing their bit to take care of it. We inspect neighbourhoods regularly and take action against people who spoil the area for others.

Provide a Quality Service

Willow Park Housing Trust and Manchester City Council provide a lot of important services such as grass cutting, litter picking and graffiti removal.  These help keep your neighbourhood looking its best.