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Burglary Security Event ( JULY 2015)

PCSO’s from Wythenshawe Neighbourhood Team in conjunction with Wythenshawe Community Housing Group conducted crime prevention surveys for members of the community. As part of the project, research was conducted into burglary victims and repeat locations. Results revealed that houses on a street where a burglary has already happened are at a greater risk of further burglaries due to the offenders knowing the layout, security and CCTV in the area.

The surveys included offering security advice to residents to help prevent burglaries and keep themselves and their families safe. A total of 88 homes were visited including private home owners. Of the Wythenshawe Community Housing Group properties visited, repairs and maintenance was carried out to improve residents security when required.  In addition to the crime reduction visits, Tenancy Audits were also completed with WCHG customers to continually update our records and ensure we are offering the right services and identifying as many opportunities to support our customers and to access our services

54 addresses were also visited by Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service who received a free of charge fire risk  assessment on their property. PCSO Martin said “This has been a huge success and there has been a lot of positive  feedback”

Keep an eye out on the GMP Wythenshawe Facebook page for more initiatives like this


Benchill FIFA Tournament ( July 15)Fifa%2015%20Benchill%208

Neighbourhood Wardens arranged a FIFA 15 tournament at the Benchill Youth Hub. Over 3 weeks, the event was really well attended and everyone involved enjoyed themselves and developed a trust with the Wardens service for putting the event on.  Congratulations to the winner: Ben, who won a trophy and a £25 voucher for JD Sports.


Crowland Road / Kinsale Walk RAD ( March 2015)

WCHG wardens surveyed over 27 Tenants as part of a door knocking exercise to help identify any issues within the area that they can help to solve. Over 21 tenants had no issues with the road while 3 said they had issues with local youths playing football while 2 Tenants complained about mini motor bikes racing up and down the road. Wardens and partnership agencies will look at the issues raised and put together an action plan to help tackle them. A follow up door knock will take place in the next 6 weeks to gain feedback on all the issues that have been identified.


Button Lane RAD (March 2015)

Wardens held a Respect Action Day and an exercise to identify any issues within the area that they can help to solve. 23 tenants surveyed said they had no issues while 2 complained about parking and litter as a result of school children being picked up and dropped off. Other issues included youths hanging around the local shops near the cashpoint and dog fouling. Wardens and partnership agencies will look at the issues raised and now put together an action plan to help tackle them. A follow up exercise will take place in the next 6 weeks to gain feedback on the issues that have been identified


WCHG Wardens Action Day ( Feb 15)

WCHG Wardens and PCSO’s held an action day door knock exercise on Hillend Road, Moor Lane, Button Lane and Felden Drive.The team will now compile together the information gathered and put an action plan into place to tackle any issues that have been identified. Watch this space for the follow up “before and after “information.


Bordley Walk RAD (Jan 15)

WCHG Wardens surveyed 15 Tenants as part of the Bordley Walk RAD. This door knocking exercise was to look at the impact of the youths coming and going into the Norbrook Youth Centre. 12 tenants surveyed said they had no issues, while 2 tenants said they had issues with dogs fouling and barking because the owners are always out. Wardens and partnership agencies will look at the issues raised and now put together an action plan to tackle them. A follow up door knock will take place in the next 6 weeks time to gain feedback on the issues that have been identified.


Heybrook Road Follow up (Jan 15)

WCHG Wardens re-visited 10 tenants who had issues previously to ask “have things changed?” after the Respect Action Day over 8 weeks ago . There has been a 100% decrease in ASB issues in the last two months as a result of the work put into solving the issues raised.

In the eight weeks prior to the Respect Action Day there had been numerous calls to CCTV and the Nuisance team while in the 8 weeks afterward calls had dropped to 0.  WCHG Wardens have carried out over 70 targeted vehicle patrols, as well as random patrol checks and leaflet drops, which totalled up to 13 hours manual work.The continuous issue of the off road bike has also been solved with one male arrested and one bike confiscated


Wardens Welfare Check (Dec 14)

Wardens door knocked on doors of over 130 vulnerable tenant properties in December  to raise awareness of the many bogus callers in the area and also to act as a welfare check on our tenants. List of properties included Gladebrook , Willow Brook , Johannesburg and Mitchell Gardens, Tenterden and Henfield Walk.


Bideford FIFA 15 Tournament  (Dec 14)

The Neighbourhood Wardens enjoyed working with young people at the Bideford Community Centre in Baguley, where they held a FIFA tournament to gain the trust of youths, who had a negative view of the Neighbourhood Wardens team. Well done to all the players and congratulations to the winner, Shahin who not only won a trophy but a £25 voucher for JD Sports. The wardems plan to hold another FIFA tournament at a different youth club after the  Christmas period.


Lyndene Road Follow Up (Nov 14)

Wardens re-visited 17 tenants who had issues previously to ask “have things changed?”. There was a 94% decrease in ASB issues in the last two months in this area and reflects the work put into solving these issues. In the eight weeks prior to the Respect Action Day there had been 24 calls to CCTV for youth nuisance and ASB, in the eight weeks after it has dropped to just 3, another 86% decrease in calls for ASB. Wardens have carried out a targeted 55 vehicle patrol as well as random patrol checks to support this.


Heybrook Road Respect Action Day (Oct 14)

Following a respect action door knock we have now compiled the information and the graph shows the breakdown of incident and issues. The main cause of complaints was criminal damage to cars. As a result, WCHG Wardens have patrolled Heybrook rd in both marked and unmarked vehicles when the schools have been spilling out, a total of 45 extra patrols. A follow up door knock will take place in the next four weeks to gain feedback on the issues that have been identified on the RAD.


Butcher Lane Community Clean Up: ( Oct 14)Neighbourhood Wardens

The Neighbourhood and Junior Wardens both helped out during a clean-up on the Butcher Lane estate.  Skips were ordered and tenants were able to get rid any unwanted rubbish free of charge.Tenants  also joined in and helped plant bulbs around the estate alongside members of the local community. In total 5 skips were filled and around 30 bin bags of rubbish collected. One member of the public said, ” This is such a lovely gesture from the housing Group and it’s nice to see different age groups coming together in the name of their local community “.


Partnership Working:  (Oct 14)

WCHG Wardens will be working closely with Mancunian Way, a local ASB Reduction Charity ( to help support local young people and educate them around the consequences of negative actions.They will also be helping to support and identify opportunities for Mancunian Way to work in the Wythenshawe area and bring their support service and expertise.They will offer a joined up bespoke approach with positive outcomes, challenging barriers and demonstrating great work can still be done for young people in their own environment on the streets of Wythenshawe.


Wardens RAD:Wardens RAD Figures

Following a respect action door knock on the Butcher lane estate, we have now compiled the information and the graph shows the breakdown of incident and issues.

We are now looking to make a joint action plan with the PCSO’s and then we will have a follow up exercise to ascertain the impact of the action plan. Please watch this space for more information.


School Project work:

Neighbourhood Wardens have been working closely with local primary schools, Button Lane, Haveley Hey and Benchill primary, delivering presentations regarding a number of ‘themed’ topics such as environmental, e-safety and keeping safe whilst delivering the message that anti-social and youth nuisance behaviour has a massive impact on the area we live.Button Lane

Promoting pro-social behaviour and making good choices is about having pride in the area we live and showing respect for everyone that lives around us, they have been very successful with all years 1 – 6 in each school   receiving the presentations with some terrific feedback.  Carl Buchanan our Neighbourhood Supervisor leads on these projects and presentations and is making contact with more schools to deliver these very successful and well received presentations.

Look out for him in the warden vans or visiting your school soon.


Hollyhedge Fun day:

Building on the success of last year’s event, Neighbourhood Wardens were only too happy to support this event again, by delivering a number of much needed items and helping to promote, Hollyhedgebut also to have a presence at the event in the form of decorated stall and hoping to engage with customers in promoting our service and getting feedback from customers who may have used our service, we talked to 35 tenants about the warden service, booked two crime reduction visits and hopefully got a couple of new junior wardens.


Pop-Up Events:

Whilst the Neighbourhood Wardens have been established for well-over 10 years now, there are still a great number of customers that are unaware of the service, particular new residents to theuntitled Wythenshawe area and we are continually looking to promote the service and engage customers to get feedback and to discuss any new ideas or ways we can improve our service, we have delivered two events in Wythenshawe Civic centre with more dates to come, look out for our van in the centre and come and see us:

  • Thurs 9th Oct
  • Thurs 13th Nov


Northenden Pop Up Event:

As part of our self-promotion efforts, Neighbourhood Wardens, Gordon and Leon attended the monthly Northenden Saturday Market, despite the very poor weather a fantastic stall was set-up for community safety advice Pop Up Event Northendenoffering, crime reduction visits, property marking of bikes, mobile phones and any electronic devices.  Local MP Mike Kane was in attendance and had his phone property marked by Gordon.

In addition we engaged with 70 customers, with 30 customers having their mobile phones property marked, 12 customers had specialised marking on their pedal cycles.  Unfortunately we have seen a spike in theft of pedal cycles and sore this as a great opportunity to help our customers combat this crime and increase their chances of recovering items if stolen.


Junior Wardens:

Neighbourhood Wardens have been working to try and deliver and interact with more young people in developing the junior warden programme, having had some recent meetings with existing junior Junior Wardenswardens and developing rewards for involvement we have also been arranging environmental projects and community clean ups, we recently completed a large clean-up in Northern Moor around the Moorcroft Road shops and including Sealand Road, Welbury Road and Nesfield Road.

Special thanks to three junior wardens who took, part as well support from Bernard Caine, GMP and Sarah Lomax from the Neighbourhoods Team and local housing officer


Race Hate Crime:

We attended Mosscare Housing Group’s  ‘Hate Crime Awareness Week’  and will be looking to carry out our own roadshows in the very near future in support of reporting Hate Crime.

Hate crime can destroy lives and break down the fabric of our communities and neighbourhoods. Hate crime affects all communities and if not tackled can lead to the isolation and victimisation of individuals and vulnerable groups along with the polarisation of communities. You can report any incidents of Hate Crime to any member of the community safety team or by phone on 0161 946 2501 or email .

As part of our commitment to raising awareness of hate crime across our communities the Neighbourhoods Wardens will be carrying out a series of presentations at TARAs, community groups and local schools.

A Hate Crime are any crimes that are targeted at a person because of hostility or prejudice towards that persons:

• Disability • Race or ethnicity • Religion or belief • Sexual orientation • Transgender identity • Alternative Sub-culture


FIFA Tournament Event:

FIFA tournamentNeighbourhood Wardens have been working on small projects delivering various activities and agenda’s to our customers, Neighbourhood Warden Glyn has been working with our Youth Involvement Team at Norbrook Youth Centre and organised a centre based event with the very popular computer game Fifa’14.

Engaging many youths from the centre, heats were held to determine a winner which was concluded early September.  As a result of its popularity, more of these events will be organised at local youth centres; Bideford, Lifestyle and Benchill Centre, look out for posters at the centres and the website for details, or flag our warden team down if you see us to ask more details.