Noise Nuisance

Noise Nuisance includes persistent noise from music, dogs, car engines, shouting, DIY etc which causes distress to others.

Excessive and persistent noise, disturbance or abusive behaviour constitutes a breach of the Tenancy Agreement.

Talking it through

If a neighbour causes a nuisance, first ask them politely to stop. Your neighbour might not know they are upsetting you. If they are unreasonable, just walk away. Do not get involved in an argument.

Tell us about it

If the problem persists, you can report it:

In person – at your nearest housing office
By phone – ring 0161 946 9501
By or the online form

What happens next?

Both you and your neighbour will be interviewed in an attempt to resolve the problem. If the disturbance continues and is considered serious, further action, including possible court proceedings will be taken.

We will need evidence to act against a nuisance. Keep a diary of all incidents. Alternatively mediation services (by an independent agency) can be used.

Controlling your noise

  • Ask your neighbours, particularly in flats, whether any noise you make can be heard in their home.
  • Speech can carry as much as any other sound, particularly at night.
  • Keep music from radios, hi-fi and TV’s at acceptable levels, especially if you have the window open.
  • Do not position equipment against shared walls. Place them on rubber or carpet to deaden the vibration.
  • Turn music down after 11:00pm and before 7.30am. Or use headphones.
  • Do not leave your dog constantly barking in the home or outside.
  • Keep cleaning or DIY jobs to reasonable hours.
  • Major car repairs are not permitted on our land.
  • Inform your neighbours if you intend to hold a party. Keep noise to a minimum.
  • Only use rubbish chutes between 7:00am and 9:00pm.

Legal action

Wythenshawe Community Housing Group may use professional witnesses to come out and witness the noise after normal working hours or provide you with our noise app to monitor the level of noise.

If the evidence proves that noise nuisance is a problem, Wythenshawe Community Housing Group will consider taking legal action in the form of an Injunction Order. This is a Court Order which tells the person to stop the noise.

If the noise continues Wythenshawe Community Housing Group will apply to the court for possession of your home.