Rehousing Review List

We use Manchester City Council’s Rehousing Review List. It contains information on all the housing associations and registered social landlords across Manchester. It is a record of all the people who cannot be rehoused because they, or someone who lives with them:

  • Owe money to their landlord
  • Deliberately caused damage to their landlord’s property.
  • Have been violent, threatening or disruptive in the community, to staff or to agents.
  • Have been involved anti-social behaviour or have unspent convictions for serious crimes.
  • Intend to live with a person in one of the categories above.
  • Have had legal action taken against you by a landlord for a breach of the Tenancy Agreement.

What happens if I’m on the list?

  • If you apply to us for a home and your name is on the RRL, you will not be offered a home until you put things right – or until we are satisfied that your behaviour has changed and you will be a suitable tenant. All names on the RRL are shared with other not-for-profit landlords in Manchester – so you will also have trouble getting a home elsewhere.
  • We can accept people for rehousing even if they are on the RRL, in exceptional circumstances. This can happen, for example, if they are in danger because of domestic violence, or serious harassment, or because they have no home after fire or flood.

Putting things right

We won’t consider someone on the RRL for a home until they have put things right.

If you are on the list because you owe us money, you must use whichever of these options that reduces the debt the most:

  • Reduce the amount you owe us to less than £100.
  • Reduce any debt by 50% and maintain a repayment pattern for a minimum of 26 weeks. If after you clear half your debt and it is still above £1000 you will need to reduce it to below £1000
  • Provide evidence that you can maintain a satisfactory tenancy. There needs to be a minimum period of 12 months to demonstrate a sustained change in behaviour and you will need to have held a tenancy in your own name for a minimum of 12 months

Depending on the nature of any ASB in the community, you may not be able to register for specific areas. All cases will be considered on their merits and applicants will be advised in full of the decision.

There are some circumstances in which a RRL can be overridden. Each case will be considered on its merits but circumstances such as severe medical condition, harassment and personal tragedy may override a listing.


You can appeal against the decision to put you on the RRL. Write to us and ask for a review.

Tell us why you feel your name should be removed, and include any supporting information or documents.

We may ask you to an interview before we decide whether or not to remove your name. We’ll send you a letter with our decision within 10 working days.

If you are not satisfied with the decision you can ask for it to be reviewed by a Senior Rehousing Manager.  You will need to set out why you disagree with the original decision. You would be informed in letter of the decision within 10 working days.