Rules of your tenancy

This is what we expect from you:

  • You must live in the property as your main home.
  • You must pay your rent and service charges in advance either weekly or monthly. You are responsible for making sure that they are paid even if you get housing benefit.
  • You must not use your home to run a business.
  • You must stick to the rules about keeping pets.
  • You must look after your home, its gardens or communal areas and not let anyone damage it.
  • You must not use your home for anything illegal.
  • You, your family and visitors must not cause a nuisance to others.
  • You, your family and visitors must not harass anyone because of their race, colour, religion or any other reason.
  • You are responsible for some repairs.
  • You must not alter the property without our permission. You do have the right to improve your home once you have our permission in writing.
  • You must make sure that your home does not become overcrowded.

This is what you can expect from us:

  • We will not interfere with your right to stay in your home unless you break the terms and conditions of your tenancy.
  • We will look after the structure and the outside of your home and make sure that your roof, drains, gutters and outside piping are working properly.
  • We will look after common areas and make sure that things like stairwells are safe and lifts, lighting and security systems are working.
  • We will insure the building only for risks that we think we need to. You will need to insure the contents of your home and personal items yourself.