Sanctuary scheme

Sanctuary Scheme

If you are in an abusive relationship your safety and security is of utmost importance. The Sanctuary Scheme, as it is known, is a way of helping you feel safe in your own home.

The scheme is a result of the partnership formed between WCHG, along with other housing associations in Manchester, and the Greater Manchester Police to help victims of domestic abuse.

What is it?

The Sanctuary Scheme is offered to people who are worried about their personal safety and can help by adding security measures to their property. This ensures that the tenant feels secure enough to remain in their homes.

Designed to your needs

Each security package is individually designed to meet the needs of each person and the Group has a designated champion to support residents through the scheme and beyond.

The different levels of security measures offered can be anything from an anti-arson letterbox to a Sanctuary Room (also known as a Safe Room). The main bedroom is often used for this purpose; the door is replaced with a solid core door which is fitted with steel hinges, bolts and a door viewer.

A home link alarm is fitted by the police as standard to a full Sanctuary Room. Additional security measures that can also be provided include extra locks, window grilles and gates.

Inspector Caroline Hemmingway of Wythenshawe Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “To feel safe in your own home is not a luxury, it’s a right. However, for some victims of domestic abuse this is not always the case. The simple but effective measures employed by this scheme will, we hope, allow anyone who has suffered in this way to exercise this right and feel safe in their own homes”.

Impressive results

Since launching in November 2007, the Group has completed 34 successful sanctuary installations. The installation of these schemes has seen a significant reduction of repeat offences, only 2 reported further incidents and a reduction in homeless applications.

Fifteen of the 34 people benefitting from the Sanctuary Scheme said they would have requested emergency re-housing. The cost of re-housing those fifteen people would have totalled £44,250 compared to the actual sanctuary costs of £8200 – a massive saving of £36,050.

Bernie Woodward, Housing Manager and Domestic Abuse Champion of WCHG said: “The people who have benefited from the Sanctuary Scheme have reported 100% satisfaction in the work done, the speed of the work, and most importantly, that they now feel safe in their own homes”.

Further information

If you feel you could benefit from the Sanctuary Scheme please contact either: Simon Melloy or Bernie Woodward on 0161 946