Starter Tenancies

All new tenants to Willow Park Housing Trust are issued with a starter tenancy.

A starter tenancy or Assured Shorthold Tenancy lasts for the first twelve months of your occupation of a property.

Your rights

Your rights are very similar to those of an Assured Tenant except that you do not have the right to:

  • Carry out improvements, alterations or additions to the property.
  • Buy or acquire your home.
  • Exchange or transfer your home, or use a mobility scheme.
  • Assign your tenancy (except to a spouse or where a court order is given).

All your rights and obligations as a tenant will be explained to you when you sign your tenancy agreement. You will be expected to keep your property in a clean and tidy condition and we will carry out home visits to ensure that this is done.

How they work

Having a Starter Tenancy means that you are a resident of Willow Park Housing Trust for a trial period of one year.

During your Starter Tenancy, your Tenancy Management Coordinator will visit you at home to make sure that you are keeping to the terms of your tenancy. They will check that you are

  • Paying your rent.
  • Looking after your property.
  • Not engaging in anti-social behaviour or causing a nuisance to other residents.

What happens after twelve months?

If you have conducted your tenancy satisfactorily, we will convert your tenancy to a full Assured Tenancy at the end of the qualifying 12 month period.

In exceptional circumstances, we may decide to extend your Starter Tenancy for a period of 6 months, giving you more time to take any action we request. After this extension is over, we will review our decision.

Your responsibilities

We want all Starter Tenants to become full Assured Tenants with us. If you have any problems please contact your Tenancy Management Coordinator. Please remember that you, as the tenant, are responsible for not only your own behaviour, but also that of anyone living with you and any visitors you have. If you, or someone who visits you, behave in an unsatisfactory way you will breach your tenancy agreement.

If we receive complaints about you from other residents, we will investigate and try to resolve the situation. If the situation is serious, we will talk to you about what steps you can take to improve matters. We may send you a written warning confirming what action we wish you to take or we may take legal action to end your Starter Tenancy.

If we have issued warnings and you have not taken the action we require, we will write to you stating that your tenancy is to end and giving the reasons why. We will also serve you with a Notice of our intention to end your tenancy, which is the first stage in the legal process. You will then be registered on the Rehousing Review List and will not be rehoused by us.

Appeals process

Details of how to appeal will be sent to you with the letter informing you of our decision. We will tell you about the appeals process and send you an appeal form. You will have 14 days to appeal from the day you receive the notice of our intention to end your tenancy.

Further information

If you have any questions or problems, please phone us on 0800 633 5500 / 0300 111 0000 and ask to speak to your Tenancy Management Coordinator who will be happy to help. You can also seek independent legal advice at any time.