Taking over a tenancy

There are certain circumstances where a tenancy can be changed from one person to another or from joint tenants to a sole tenant.

Where a tenant dies this is called a succession.

Your joint tenant leaves

If your joint tenant has left the property you can apply for the tenancy to be in your sole name. Your Tenancy Management Coordinator can advise you further about this if you explain the circumstances to them.

Normally we would ask the person who has left to sign their part of the tenancy over to you. You will both be asked to attend the Housing Office to sign some forms. When the tenancy changes you will then be the only person responsible for all of the rent and all of the tenancy conditions.

Your joint tenant leaves without notice

If one person in a joint tenancy has left and you don’t know their whereabouts then they obviously can’t sign the document giving up their part of the tenancy. We will investigate and in exceptional circumstances it may be possible for you to give notice to end the joint tenancy. At the end of the 4 weeks notice period you will be invited to attend the Housing Office to sign a new tenancy on your own.

Please note that for any changes to be made to the tenancy there usually must be no arrears of rent on the property.