Terminating your tenancy

You have the right to stay in your home so long as you keep to the conditions of your Tenancy Agreement. Willow Park Housing Trust will only take action to evict you from your home when there is no reasonable alternative.

If you break your Tenancy Agreement and are evicted from your home, your name will be entered onto the Rehousing Review List. This could stop you from renting a home from Willow Park Housing Trust and many other Registered Social Landlords in the Manchester area.

We will only evict you if:

  • Rent – you are not paying your rent and have got rent arrears.
  • Harassment – you, your family or visitors are harassing someone or causing trouble.
  • Damage – you, your family or visitors cause wilfull damage to your home.
  • Not your main home – you are living somewhere else most of the time.
  • Illegal or immoral purposes – you or anyone living in your home is convicted of using it for illegal or immoral purposes.
  • Sub letting – you sub let part of your home without our written permission, or if you move out of your home and sub let the whole of the property to someone else.
  • Other breaches – you, or someone living with you, have not stuck to the terms and conditions of your Tenancy Agreement.