Maintenance of trees

We are very fortunate that there are many mature trees in Wythenshawe, however ensuring trees are effectively maintained is a major task. Whilst you as a tenant are responsible for the condition of your garden we recognise that maintaining mature trees needs to be the responsibility of the Group even if they are in an individual tenant’s garden.

Requests for cutting back trees

We have a complete tree register of all trees in our customers gardens and on open land that Wythenshawe Community Housing Group owns which helps us to deal effectively with all tree requests and to establish a tree maintenance programme where resources can be directed where most appropriate. Work will be carried out in accordance with our Environmental Services Policy.

However, if you have a tree that you feel is dangerous or has been affected by high winds or has been damaged in other ways then please email us using our online form.

We will assess on a case-by-case basis to benefit the health of a tree, if in our opinion it appears to be dangerous we will ensure that the necessary work is carried out to make the tree safe. We will not remove trees simply due to requests or personal interest.

We may tell you that we will not carry out any work as we feel that it is not necessary or we may agree that some pruning would help. We aim to prune trees at the most appropriate time of year for the benefit of the tree so the work may not be carried out straight away.

We will not consider assessment in circumstances such as; sapling/selfset trees, a tree being overgrown, wildlife inhabiting or causing perceived nuisance, blocking sunlight or T.V signal or natural habits of trees including branch, fruit and leaf fall.