Wythenshawe Youth Forum

The purpose of our Youth Forum is to give youth an important voice about decisions that affect young people on a day to day basis and that will be seriously considered by adults making decisions about activities and programmes across Wythenshawe.

It provides opportunities for youths to express their ideas, opinions, consult with local groups, community staff and or to other youths.

It involves planning and evaluating youth activities in Wythenshawe and helping make changes based on what children & young people want and need. It also involves attending meetings and helping to set the agenda for future activities while getting the balance between meeting young people’s needs and having a fun space to meet friends and get accreditations for achievements.

Help consult with other children/young people and find out what could be improved in the community and Youth provisions then make recommendations to staff.

For all young people 13-19 yrs.

If you’re interested in coming to one of the youth clubs or finding out more, contact YouthInvolvement@wchg.org.uk or ring 0161 436 1565.