Standards we must keep

Repair standards we must keep 

Doing the repair:

  1. We will send a fully-trained, worker at the appointed time.
  2. The worker will show you official identification, and will be polite and helpful.
  3. The worker will do the repair or the inspection, as described on the confirmation letter, and will leave the job clean and tidy.
  4. If the worker cannot do all the work needed on that visit, s/he will explain why and immediately arrange another appointment with you.
  5. If the problem is being inspected first, the worker will tell you what needs doing and when it will be done by.

After the repair

  1.  You will be asked to complete a one question survey on the technician’s mobile device. Are you happy with the work completed?
  2.  If tenants report that they are dissatisfied with the work that has been carried out we will investigate the problem.
  3.  If you are unhappy with our service but do not get asked to complete a survey please contact us